Here at Trinity we look to involve people at all stages of their lives. We want to help people develop stronger, healthier relationships as they grow spiritually and learn God's design for their lives. 

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Stephen Ministry

Christian Counseling through 'Centered on Wellness'


Trinity's Stephen Ministry gives lay people the tools to provide confidential, one-on-one Christian care for people in our congregation and community who are going through difficult times in ther lives.

If you are going through a rough patch or just need someone to talk to contact Pastor Michael Roth to get in touch with a Stephen Minister or call 269-983-5000.

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTERED ON WELLNESS Counseling Center has a satellite office in the Trinity Ministry Center, even though all appointments are made through Samaritan Counseling Center's main office.

Christian Counselors offer support to individuals, couples, families and groups. Christian counseling goes beyond the traditional kind of counseling; their therapists are attuned to the spiritual issues of their clients as well as their emotional needs.

This is where Faith & Counseling meet! For appointments, please call (269) 926-6199.

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