International Admissions


Admission Procedures (International Students)

Trinity Lutheran School is eligible to enroll international students with the proper Student Visas in place. International students are required English proficiency upon enrollment and recommended to enroll in an English Program (After school Program) unless adequate proficiency to carry out the course work is demonstrated.  

We welcome International Students to our campus as an opportunity to mutually learn about our cultures and to witness our Christian faith. It is our intent to limit the number of International Students in any class to facilitate integration with English-speaking students and to enable the teacher to adequately meet the needs of all students in the class.


Included in the student’s acceptance letter will be the documents for the parents or legal guardian to complete and return including a contract and payment information. 

International Students must enroll for at least one year. We do not accept students visiting for only a short time, unless they are part of a recognized education organization, which organizes and supervises a specific program. Inclusion of these short-term students is dependent upon available space.

Health Insurance

Medical health insurance/coverage is required before international students can begin classes. After receiving an acceptance letter and arriving in the U.S., health insurance must be purchased. Proof of health insurance must be given to the school office prior to the first day of school.



I-20 Student FAQ’s

  • Visa Information – Trinity Lutheran School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. If a student requires an I-20 from our school, the student must submit ALL necessary documents, complete the admissions process and be granted acceptance prior to receiving the I-20. I-20 will be issued for the student once the tuition payment has been received. Adequate processing time must be allowed.
  • Status Changes-All International students who enroll at Trinity Lutheran School and obtain an I-20, will remain as an International Student, even if their F-1 status changes at a later date. Please advise the admissions department if your status changes.
  • Financial Assistance – Trinity Lutheran School does not offer financial assistance to International students on F-1 Visa’s, as per United States Government, Immigration and Naturalization Service mandates.
  • Health and International Student Insurance – Trinity Lutheran School requires all International to obtain International Student Insurance before attending our school. A copy of the student’s card must be received prior to the start of school.
  • Refund Policy – For students who enter the United States with an F-1 Visa issued with the I-20 provided by Trinity Lutheran School, NO refunds will be given. Due to the nature of the international program, its limited seats, high demand, and immigration processing time and subsequent procedures, students who enroll at Trinity Lutheran School are securing their seats for the entire academic year. International students who accept admissions at Trinity Lutheran School are committing themselves to follow the guidelines and procedures in areas of academic, athletic, social, and spiritual disciplines as stipulated in the Student Handbook. 

International Student Rates and Fees

School Fee: $16,000 (2017-18 School Year includes Homestay)   

  • Including School Tuition, Registration Fee, Technology Fee, Book Fee, International Student Application Fee, and International Processing Fee.
  • Additional Program: For the students who are found to be not fully proficient to carry out the course work, we offer the After-School English Program. (Fee: $1800 Each Semester) 

We believe in the potential of every child as they are created in the very image of God. Our mission is to empower the students to achieve their highest potential. We attain this goal through the dedication of our staff, commitment of our teachers, and conviction in our Christian faith to ensure the success of every child in the International Program.   

Our program accepts students from 3rd to 8th grades. For additional information, please contact We wish you tremendous success, and hope that your search ends with TLS.

Application Checklist


A completed application must include the following completed documents, in English:

  • General Application
  • Medical Authority Release and General Release.
  • Health Appraisal
  • Immunization Records (Students are required to meet Michigan's immunization requirements)
  • TOEFL Score
  • Official School Transcript
  • 2 Teachers’ Recommendations; one must be from an English teacher
  • Photocopy of Passport

STEP 2 – Interview

Based on the completed application, a student interview will be scheduled. 

STEP 3 – Acceptance

Based on the completed application and interview, enrollment opportunities will be determined by Trinity Lutheran School personnel. 

STEP 4 – Tuition Payment

Tuition payment is due to finalize enrollment. After payment is received the school will issue the I-20. Failure to pay tuition results in a forfeit of enrollment. 

STEP 5 – I-20 Issued

I-20 will be issued for the student once the tuition payment has been received.

STEP 6 – Host Family Match

The student will be paired with a host family once the student is approved for enrollment.

STEP 7 – Visa and Passport

After the I-20 is issued, the student must obtain a Visa in his or her home country. 

STEP 8 – Class Scheduling/Arrival

Students must plan to arrive in St. Joseph, Michigan one week prior to school beginning. Students must let their host parents know when they will be arriving. The Registrar will meet with the student once they arrive to set up a class schedule.



What's required to be a Host Family

AH Education Inc. U.S. offers you a network of Homestay Families dedicated to ensuring your students’ ongoing safety. This goes hand in hand with AH Education Inc. U.S. intensive academic oversight. You can rest assured and have peace of mind while your son or daughter is in our program. Selecting AH Education Inc. U.S. provides you and your child with Homestay Coordination that offers individualized attention for all family needs of the student. We find that this creates a very close relationship between our students and their homestay.  

AH U.S. seeks homestay hosts who are interested in welcoming an international student into their homes for the purpose of providing a safe, supportive, comfortable living environment. These youth seek to improve their English-language fluency, as well as understand American culture and family life, while sharing their own cultures with their American host families. All families must participate in an in-home interview process, an online child abuse prevention course and agree to background checks for all household members 18 years and over.

AH Education Inc. Homestay Service includes:

  • Finding a suitable homestay
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide oversight for students
  • Monitor to ensure a positive homestay experience
  • Manage and maintain monthly reports from Host Families
  • Access to guardians and host family to the student’s academic portal to monitor progress
  • One on one problem solving with students and with host family
  • Finding replacement homestay if either party fails to maintain a reasonable relationship  

Please Contact the School Office with questions about being a Host Family. (269) 983-3056