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  • Nurseries
  • Holy Communion
  • Restroom locations
  • Hearing Assistance System


The church narthex is available for removing crying babies or disruptive children temporarily. Chairs are available, so you may continue to participate in worship. Our church nursery is located on the lower level, east side. To access the Nursery from the Sanctuary, go through the Welcome Area to the elevator or stairs by the back entrance to the basement; once there the Nursery is the first room to your left. Look for the signs.


Guests who are members of a congregation of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod may commune with us on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month. Missouri Synod Lutherans believe in the “Real Presence” in The Sacrament of the Altar which means that the very body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is given to us to eat and to drink along with (or in, with and under) the bread and the wine for the remission of sins and the strengthening of faith. In 1 Corinthians 11, St. Paul says that communicants are to be able “to recognize,” that is, understand that the body and the blood of Jesus are present under the bread and the wine and that they ought to be able “to examine themselves” in order to commune. We also understand that participating in Holy Communion is a public testimony that all who commune are united in the confession of the Christian faith as held and taught in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Those who may be of another Christian faith and who would like to be able to commune at Trinity are asked to visit with one of the pastors. A few cups of pure grape juice are available for those medically unable to drink the wine. Gluten-free wafers are available for those who require them. In either case, please make arrangements with one of our pastors.


Restrooms with changing tables are found in the Fellowship Hall, down the steps at the rear of the church. Additional restrooms with changing tables are located on the 1st floor level, between the church & school, just off of the Welcome Area.


This system allows most hearing aids to act as tiny loudspeakers that deliver the sound from the PA system directly into the ears. If you are wearing a hearing aid that has a telephone or t-coil, simply switch the hearing aid to the t-position and it will be connected to the church sound system. The minister’s voice should be very clear. We hope this will improve the worship experience for those who have hearing loss. If you have questions or if the system doesn’t seem to work, please contact Gyl or David Kasewurm at 982-3444.  



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