Sunday Worship

We invite you to join us in Worship Sunday Mornings at 8:00 and 10:30. Trinity Lutheran Church Worship Services nurture a culture of confessional faithfulness, artistic excellence and integrity in the presentation, distribution and reception of God’s life-giving gifts in Word and Sacraments. Additionally we have Special Worship Services for Advent, Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter.

As you know, we are still in Phase 4 of the pandemic, which requires many restrictions and recommended precautions. Things have not returned to normal and many familiar, comfortable things remain a challenge.

We have every other pew roped off to encourage safe social distancing and masks are required. The only exception is we have adding more singing to our 10:30 service. The 8:00 service will continue as it has been, with only a final hymn. People who wish to worship at 8:00, but are not comfortable with public singing, may leave after communion in this service. For those who are comfortable with public singing and wish to

participate in the full liturgical service the 10:30 service will offer this option. Both services will continue to follow the standard protocols of social distancing, masks and sanitization. 

For those uncomfortable with In-Person Worship Service, we encourage you to use the Online Virtual Worship Services available on the Home Page of the Website or on Trinity Lutheran Church Facebook or Trinity Lutheran Church YouTube page at 10:00 AM every Sunday.